Daros Latinamerica Collection

The Daros Latinamerica Collection, based in Zurich, is one of the most comprehensive collections of contemporary art from Latin America, comprising at present over one thousand works by more than one hundred artists. The pieces are both individual and groups of works in all media and genres, created from the 1960s to the present day.

The Daros Latinamerica Collection is centrally devoted to the work of art and its creator, as well as to the respectful treatment of both. It depends accordingly upon a close and trusting relationship with each individual artist, and fosters an open and collegial dialog, characterized by the lively exchange of ideas and information, as the basis for mutual promotion and support over the long term.

Its collection activities are guided not by the striving for encyclopedic completeness but rather by the persuasive expressive power and significance of works of art, whether within the oeuvre of a particular artist, or against the backdrop of art history. Accordingly, works of art acquired for the collection are selected for their legibility on the greatest variety of levels; for their ability to transcend the ephemeral, the local and the anecdotic; for their adaptation of medium to content—in short, works that address more profound complexes of aesthetic, social and human issues.

Thanks to its density, variety and quality, the Daros Latinamerica Collection is on display in numerous collaborations with museums and institutions around the world.