Casa Daros

Casa Daros is a space for art, education and communication that occupies a neoclassic building constructed in 1866 in Rio de Janeiro’s Botafogo District. Ever since its start-up in March 23rd 2013, the institution has been strengthening its role as a platform for spreading awareness, knowledge and reflection concerning Latin American contemporary art.

After being acquired in 2006 by the Daros Latinamerica Collection—one of the most extensive collections of Latin American contemporary art in the world—Casa Daros underwent nearly seven years of remodeling. Since it was opened to the public, more than 100 thousand people have visited the space. One of Casa Daros’s goals is to become a hub linking Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the other countries of Latin America, always with the collection’s artworks as a starting point.

Besides the spaces that feature artworks from the Daros Latinamerica Collection, Casa Daros also has rooms for art workshops and education, a library specialized in Latin American art with 5,000 titles including publications and educational material, a 100-seat auditorium, the Mira! restaurant-café, an inner patio, and a shop with original products.